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Appleby Magna

General Information:

Appleby Magna is a village and civil parish in Leicestershire, England. The civil parish, as well as Appleby Magna, includes the small hamlets of Appleby Parva and Little Wigston, and the villages of Norton-Juxta-Twycross, Snarestone and Swepstone. The parish collectively has a total population of 1,084 (2011), with Appleby being the largest settlement. Historically Appleby was one of the largest and wealthiest parishes in Leicestershire, as the large church is testament to; the village and its population, however, have always remained fairly small.






Historically Appleby was one of the largest and wealthiest Parishes in Leicestershire, which the size of church is testament to. The original name Aeppel-by refers to apple trees, the by suggesting a Danish settlement. The village lies on the edge of the ancient boundary between the Kingdoms Mercia and the Danelaw. This delightful and historic village of lovely old houses is notable for its Grammar School founded in 1697 by Sir John Moore. He was a local boy who made his fortune in the East India Company and became Lord Mayor of London. The original plans for the Grammar School were drawn up by Sir Christopher Wren and it is believed to be the only school this great architect ever designed. However, the work was eventually carried out by Sir William Wilson, who modified Wren's design. He also carved a full length portrait of Sir John Moore which still stands in a niche in the school hall. The school buildings are now used as a primary school. The buildings also include a heritage centre and cultural events are regularly held. A Tudor timber framed Moat House stands on the site of the original Manor House, which was the home of the de Appleby family from the 12th to 16th century. A stone gatehouse and three sides of the moat remain undisturbed from medieval days.



Sports Clubs:

Appleby Magna Cricket Club

Appleby Magna Football Club

Local Authorities:

Appleby Magna Parish Council

Leicestershire Parish Council

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