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The Leafy peaceful village of Clipston is in the civil parish administered as part of the Daventry district in Northamptonshire.However due to it's proximity, it is probably more closely connected to Market Harborough. The village has two pubs, a church, a village hall and a green. The school also has one of the prettiest and most historic schools in the County. 

There is a vibrant village community with an annual beer festival (as at 2012). There are two tennis courts which were resurfaced in 2011. 



Not much is known of Clipston's history however it has had a school since 1667 according to the plaque above the school's entrance. The school was built by Sir George Buswell who, after his Mother, Father and Brother died, was left extremely wealthy and wished to leave part of his wealth to charities. In Clipston church there now stands a monument to Sir George Buswell and the School is still functioning to this day.

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