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The quiet and richly historic village of Naseby lies on the the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire border. There is a close knit community and a sports club where there are facilities for tennis, football and netball. The village is near the source of the River Avon but it's main claim to fame is as the location of the final battle of the English Civil War. For more information about Naseby have a look at the villages own website.



Naseby owes its origins to its advantageous geographic situation and suitability as defensive location. It was founded in the 6th century by a Saxon called Hnaef who named it Hnaef-burh, which translates as  "the fortified place of Hnaef". By the time the village appeared in the doomsday book of 1086 it's name had evolved to Navesberie, later changing many times before reaching it's current form, Naseby.  During the 13th century the village was granted a market charter and the population boomed, however this was short lived as the black death massively reduced the population in the mid 14th century. The fields near the village were the location of the battle of Naseby, the key battle in the English Civil War, in which the Royalists were defeated by the Parliamentarians. During the late 19th century the village went through a housing revolution and the original cob and thatched houses were demolished and replaced by Victorian houses, that dominate the villages current architecture.



Naseby Sports Club

Naseby Fishing Reservoir.

Royal Oak

Naseby Methodist Church.

Naseby All Saints Church

Naseby Garden Centre

Roma Leather


Train Station

Market Harborough



Naseby C of E Primary School


Leicester Grammar School

Stoneygate School

Oakham School

Uppingham School

Ofsted reports can be found on



Market Harborough Golf Club

Market Harborough Rugby Football Club

Market Harborough Leisure Centre



Market Harborough Dental Practice

Market Harborough Medical Centre


Local Authorities

Naseby Parish Council

Daventry District Council

Northamptonshire County Council


The Battle of Naseby


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