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Referencing Guide

All our prospective tenants must be referenced to check they are suitable tenants and have the financial resources to pay the rent. We use a company called Homelet to carry out the referencing process on our behalf. The referencing costs must be paid by the prospective tenant before the referencing can be started. We charge individual tenants £70 and couples £120 these costs are not refundable if the tenant fails the referencing process.

It is important that you tell us before the referencing process starts if you have any County Court Judgements this may result in you failing referencing but this might not mean that you are an unsuitable tenant as this will depend on the particular circumstances. If you do not disclose any judgements we will recommend to the Landlord that you are not granted the tenancy.

Below are some useful guide that will assist you in the referencing process

This form allows prospective tenants for to fill in their basic details. Homelet will then email a link asking for the required referencing information online.

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