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Selling your home is all about presenting a lifestyle to the potential buyer, get it right and you'll be on your way in no time at all. A purchaser's first impression is critical. Potential buyers form an opinion of a house within the first 15 seconds. We tend to find that most people drive past properties before arranging a viewing. If they do not like the property as they speed past at 40 miles an hour, they will not view!


Kerb Appeal Checklist


Clean and free of litter. Weeds, unsightly bins, etc removed.

Front Gate

Should be clean and repainted if necessary. Do not let a rusty gate spoil the look of your property.


Well tended borders, recently mown and edged lawns.

Front Elevation

Make sure windows and doors are in a good state of repair and freshly painted. Do not forget the garage door.


Make sure there are no missing or broken tiles and gutters are clean.


Create the right atmosphere and appeal to your potential purchasers sub conscious.


Studies prove that people react more positively to well lit properties. Always open the curtains during daytime. In overcast conditions, ensure the lights are on. Mirrors can be used to magnify the feeling of space and light.


Try to create a peaceful atmosphere in the house. Avoid using appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines during viewings. Remove barking dogs and make sure young children are fully occupied.


People are often suspicious when the bread maker or coffee machine is buzzing away in the background. However, a clean smell is essential, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. The smell of fresh flowers and furniture polish are hard to beat.

Front Door

Make sure the front door is freshly painted and that the house name and number are clearly visible.



You really can create a strong impression in this area. Ensure it is well lit.


Most people aspire to have an imposing and elegant room to live and entertain in. If there is a fireplace then show it off with a warm, inviting fire during the winter months or dress it with flowers or something similar in the spring and summer. A mirror over the fireplace can make the room look dramatically bigger and the use of uplighters or a large plant behind furniture can create dramatic visual effects.


The kitchen can have a dramatic effect on the saleability of the house. If the kitchen is old and tired you can often improve it with minimal effort. Again, get the lighting right, consider replacing tired floor coverings and installing new handles on the units. Ensure the surfaces are de-cluttered and are spotlessly clean.


It is no surprise that bathrooms should also be spotlessly clean! Grubby grout should be removed and replaced: (kits are available from DIY shops). If your tiles have seen better days, bleach them and if that does not work replace them. If your bathroom is small, tiling every wall completely will make it seem bigger. People do not like carpets as they consider them to be un-hygienic. Consider ceramic tiles, cork or bamboo floors to give the bathroom a fresh, clean and modern look.


Ensure bedrooms are spotless. Rugs should be cleaned and the air filled with fresh smells. Bedside lamps are great to light the room and add atmosphere.


  • If it is an overcast day, ensure the property is well lighted. Cottages can be dark on the brightest days.
  • Switch off electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers.
  • Do not try to oversell your home by pointing out insignificant features, such as the number of power points in a room or how efficient the central heating is.
  • Do not state the obvious, such as this is the kitchen.
  • Always let the viewers enter the room in front of you and stand well back allowing them to get a good view of each room.
  • Do not point out the bad points or jobs that you have not got round to doing. You may be pointing out things that are not obvious to the buyer.
  • Always finish the tour of your property in the best room or the main feature of the house (which may be the garden).
  • Do not do all the talking; answer questions when asked but do not appear over keen or desperate to sell your home.
  • If you are comfortable with the prospective buyer ask them if they would like to go round the property again on their own.
  • Do not put pressure on them to buy your house immediately they finish the appointment.


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